About Me

I was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria.

About my dance life:

Whenever i’m being asked when i started dancing, i replied with ”Depending on what kind of dance”, because if its in regards to dancing my homecountry’s legendary dances such as Lakukulala by General Kollington Ayinla (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Zvjq_0_tA) or Ijo Shina by Sir Shina Peters (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fag5ItyoYp0), then i would say since i was 5 years old.

I can still reflect on how my mum will set myself and my twin brother in the center of the living room and play these songs while we dances our feet off, even at numerous parties not excluding all kinds of family parties, where it is culturally normal to display the Art of Money Spraying (http://afrostylemag.com/cover3/articles/The_Art_of_Money_Spraying.php) by family members and friends.

But if the question is in regards to dances such as Hip-Hop, Latin and Ballroom, Salsa, Contemporary dance, Modern dance and Ballet.

Well, i started off with Hip-Hop at the age of 17/18, at my local church, i moved to Lagos at the age of 24 to start up with  African dances, Latin and Ballroom, Salsa, Contemporary dance, and Modern dance.

After completion of my training in Lagos, i moved back to Ibadan in 2012, where i was privileged to organise and create numerous society positive impacting events.

Amongst my significant achievements in Nigeria are

  • Creation of the first Integrated Dance Company in Nigeria (DanceAbled) https://www.facebook.com/ArtsAbled/
  • Ibadan Arts Festival https: (//www.facebook.com/ibadanartsfestival/)
  • Mokola Community Center   (https://www.facebook.com/groups/138718499672424/)

In 2015, I moved to America to study Laban Movement Analysis at Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies, New York,

I relocated to Maryland in 2016, Upon my relocation to Maryland, I became company member of Rebollar Dance Company, Washington DC, where I performed on the prestigious stage of John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center, DC.

I later relocated to Fort Wayne Indiana in late 2016, and received training at Fort Wayne Dance Collective by former Artistic Director John Byrne,

Martha Graham technique training at Mikautadze Dance Theater,

presently training at Fort Wayne Ballet

and SalsaOn2 training at LaFuerza Chicago.

What i love to do mostly are

Creating dance opportunities in any community i found myself, Choreographing dances, Teaching dances and adding value to life.